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Punch Card
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T60 3945ABG Wireless problem with Access Connections 5.12

Running WinXP Pro sp3 on T60 (2623-D3U).


I lost wireless capability after installing Access Connection 5.12.


I uninstalled Access Connections, WLAN drivers, Keyboard and HotKey, and Power Management.


I re-installed in the following sequence:


Power Management v1.51a

Keyboard Customization from 1qkcb9ww.exe

Hot Key from 7zvu08ww.exe

WLAN from 7vwc23ww.exe

Access Connections 5.12


I even re-installed  TVSU.


Nothing shows up with Find Wireless Networks in the Productivity Center, but if I use the Windows Wireless Connection I can get the wireless connection to work. But means I have to change the advanced settings every time.


I rolled back the v12 driver for the 3945ABG connection to v11.5.0.36, but that didn't help.


Has anyone a suggestion/solution that will will allow me to get things working properly?


Punch Card
Posts: 16
Registered: ‎06-05-2008
Location: USA OH
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Re: T60 3945ABG Wireless problem with Access Connections 5.12

Well, after spending the day on the phone with three different techs, none of whose official answers matched, I still don't have Access Connections 5.12 working.


Here is the latest information on what's been applied. Note, the sequence is critical, although support is not in agreement as to which is the correct sequence. I'm not including the ones proven to have been wrong - there were three.


For a T60 (2623-D3U) running Win XP Pro with sp3:


MIGRA-    download           directory        version           comment

70602      7zu707ww.exe   PWRMGR    1.51a

68000      7zvu08ww.exe   HOTKEY       5.20.0 / 2.0.4 

52527      7rwc09ww.exe   WLLANATH        Intel PRO/Wireless 3945ABG

4ZLNJB   7vcx83ww.exe    ACCON        5.12


I've uninstalled Access Connections 5.12 and will let Windows manage wireless connections.

Now all I have to do is figure out why all the installs/re-installs managed to trigger an Outlook Express compaction note. 


I don't even use Outlook Express...


If anyone ever figures this all out, please let me know.

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