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Re: T60 41V9916 Motherboard and 8gb max ram

I'm going to disagree with you on this one orion9727, but only conditionally. I agree most users don't need more then 3GB, but I tend to abuse multitasking abilities in windows seven, at present I have about 20 tabs open in google chrome, 8 open in mozilla firefox and a few more in cometbird (modified firefox). I also have a bittorrent client running with a rather large disc cache and adobe photoshop (x64) with at least a dozen projects open. I'm currently playing a popular browser based "flash" game that is ram hungry, and my machine handles all this well, but before I upgraded from 4GB to 8GB, I'd have apps failing to respond, web pages that crash, and would have to start killing processes in task manager.


Currently I have 11 processes in task manager running over 100mB of ram, with photoshop topping out the list at over 800mb, and firefox plugin manager close behind at over 700mb. 


I'm not disagreeing that I would be able to do all of these things with 3GB, but I'd have to shut down a lot of apps and close a lot of web pages. I know this is far from average usage, but I like to be able to have dozens of projects going on at the same time without the need to shut them down if I want to work on something else. 


I definitely agree with you that 3GB is where windows seven really wakes up.


ps. the machine I'm currently on is a T61 with the 128mb nvidia chip and T9300 cpu. The 8GB of ram wasn't cheap (about twice what ddr3 ram costs), but I don't regret buying it. I may have been happy with 6GB, but 4GB was forcing me to use restraint.

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