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Fanfold Paper
Posts: 7
Registered: ‎12-06-2007
Location: USA
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Re: Strange thing happens when the power goes out..

Sorry for the delay in posting.  I never saw an email about the previous couple posts.


I did not have anything attached to the parallel or serial port.  I have some USB devices like my keyboard and mouse and stuff like that.


BTW I tried the bios and it worked fine but I think the only thing it did was to add a single command to disable both ports.  The previous bios had the appropriate commands to disable both the serial port and parallel port individually.  I bet that would have worked fine now that the issue is understood to be a problem with windows and those 2 external ports.


I tried T60 and T61 and the both worked with the new bios.

Paper Tape
Posts: 4
Registered: ‎07-10-2013
Location: Basking Ridge, NJ
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Re: Strange thing happens when the power goes out.. T61

Here's a me-too.  My T61 was running BIOS v1.26 of 2007-10-18.  When docked, losing power to the dock would cause the system to hang. The dock has an external monitor, USB mouse, USB keyboard, and ethernet.


I upgraded to BIOS v2.30 of 2012-04-02.  That caused a new option to appear in the BIOS config screen, for the docking station, allowing to enable/disable the legacy ports (parallel and serial).  I disabled the ports. 


Then after reboot I tested by pulling the power plug and restoring it.  The external screen went dark when the dock lost power, but came back immediately after I restored power.


I'm using Ubuntu 13.04 for what that's worth.  These hang-on-power-loss-in-dock symptoms don't seem to be tied to the operating system.