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Paper Tape
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T60 EPOS error

ThinkPad T60 with XP SP2 blue-screens during startup. EPOS error log STOP: Can't recover from error + a full page of sector numbers - then message: System halted. Computer won't start. Can't get to the screen to start in safe mode or "last known good" 


I ran HDD check from Bios - passed with no errors.


What's wrong?



Paper Tape
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Re: T60 EPOS error

I have the same problem.


Have anybody a solution?

lead_org Microsoft MVP Contributor
Microsoft MVP Contributor
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Re: T60 EPOS error

have you tried to restore to factory setting in Rescue and Recovery during startup??? I hope you made a copy of the recovery media disks. 

Jin Li

May this year, be the year of 'DO'!

I am a volunteer, and not a paid staff of Lenovo or Microsoft
Paper Tape
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Re: T60 EPOS error

I have also same problem and i did run Hard dish drive diagnostics program.

any solution for this error???

What's DOS?
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Re: T60 EPOS error

I also just got this error.

Tried resetting the Bios.

Tried booting from CD (windows disk)




seems like it is a bios issue.


any ideas?


Fanfold Paper
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Re: T60 EPOS error

I have never heard of an EPOS error before.  I HAVE run into bios which had become corrupt for unknown reasons.  From your description, you aren't even to the hard drive or CDROM (OPTICAL DRIVE DEVICE.)


You say you cannot boot to the Hard Drive or to an Optical Drive (DVD/CD device) yet you CAN boot to the bios?


Have you replaced your DVD/CD optical drive with a later model?  (A SATA model?)


Can you access all of the settings of the bios?


In the Config section:

What are your settings for SATA?  "Compatible" or "AHCI"?

What are your settings for Network? Wake On Lan should be Disabled.  Flash Over Lan should be Disabled.


Can you go to the STARTUP entry and then to Boot?


The safest entries are:

1:  ATAPI CD0: [Name of your DVD/CD drive]

2:  USB FDD: [This is for a USB Floppy drive.]

3:  ATA  HDD0: [Name of your internal hard drive with a -(S1) designator for SATA if the setting is for ACHI instead of "Compatible"] 

In that order--this enables a technician to boot a Hardware Maintenance Diskette to check for corrupted bios and reset the system if it is possible.  (It only lengthens boot time by 1 or 2 seconds and is safest.) 


All of the others should be moved to the "Excluded from boot order:" section by using an "x" after highlighting it by using the arrow keys.



What do you have plugged into the computer?  Do you have it connected to a docking station?  Do you have anything connected to the USB ports?  Or other ports on the computer?


Did you unplug the network connections, and turn off your Wireless network devices?


Did you flash your bios?  Did you have the setting for flashing the bios over LAN [DISABLED]?  (If not, your ISP will not be responsible for corrupting your bios when they do an update for the cable/DSL/Optical Internet modem.)


You have to think like a detective.


If you are still under warranty:  Call Lenovo.  Make sure that you do a complete hardware inventory, and be sure to get their approval to send the entire unit; including the AC-Adapter (and cord,) Hard Drive, Optical Drive and Battery to warranty service.  If you have and use the Docking Station, insist that--that be checked also (you will need a separate box for that.)  If there is a legitimate and knowledgeable local Lenovo Warranty Service Provider--take it there.


If you are no longer under warranty, you will have to find a VERY knowledgeable laptop technician.

What's DOS?
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Re: T60 EPOS error

Thanks for the reply.


some responses.

1.  Nothing else is plugged into the laptop.  No dock, no network, no wireless card.

2.  I didn't update the bios.  same bios I have been running for years.

3.  I can get into bios, make changes, etc  but can't boot after that. 


unfortunately not under warranttee so I may not bother.   

Fanfold Paper
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Re: T60 EPOS error

Well, I would not give up just yet.

Did you try removing the hard drive before booting with CD?  In rare cases the hard drive can have a catastrophic failure in the electronics rather than just the platters and heads; this can cause really strange problems which are difficult to assess.  On even more rare cases the same kind of failure can occur with the Optical Drive (DVD/CD device.)


Another thing is to look closely at the USB ports.  If a USB port is damaged in just the right way, you end up with problems which can be corrected by isolating the conductors.


If someone else used your laptop, they may have trashed one of your ports.  Carefully check your network and USB ports for damage/dust/debris.  And, check the bottom connector (for the dock) for conductive debris.  Dust can be conductive and cause all sorts of problems--the outer case can appear flawless and clean and stuff can still have worked its way into places it should not go.


Only after a thorough check of these things is it necessary to take it to a Guru (or to begin to lose hope.)

What's DOS?
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Re: T60 EPOS error

EPOS error is referring to a problem with Encryption Plus Hard Disk (EPHD). Unfortunately, since the error condition is causing EPHD to fail to load, you have NO access to the hard disk at all. You will need a boot disk that is capable of loading the EPHD program in order to decrypt the drive to troubleshoot it.

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