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T60 Fan Replacement

My T60 fan was really beginning to whine, loudly, to the point where it was irritating. I could have paid my Lenovo service depot over $200 to replace it, but I decided I'd purchase a new one and replace it myself. Found a replacement online for less than $60.00. It came with the thermal grease pre-applied.  Using documentation described in these threads I did the replacement in about an hour. I am not a computer tech but have opened previous Lenovo laptops to upgrade memory.

I took it slow and used a set of the tiny screwdrivers you purchase in Radio Shack or hardware stores. I spent some time reviewing Youtube and IBM videos and online documentation.  Hardest part was reinstalling the palmrest which required a bit of gentle pushing, prodding, and snapping to reinstall. Otherwise it was a straightforward process.

With TPfan control software and new fan, my T60 is now back to sounding like it did the day I purchased it. Well worth the effort. 


Recommended if want to save quite a bit of money, you're willing to read the online documentation, view the online videos, and go slowly and deliberately.  There is always a risk of doing some damage but having now done it, I think the risk is minimal with patience and study beforehand.

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Re: T60 Fan Replacement

I'm currently experiencing the distracting fan noise and am encouraged that you were able to fix the problem on your own.


How did you know which fan model number to use? I have a 2613-CTO but on the parts info listing, 2613-CTO matches with 4 different model numbers: 


41V9931 (integrated)

41W6406 (integrated)

41V9932 (discrete)

41W6407 (discrete)


How do I know which part is the correct one for my laptop?


Any assistance you could offer would be much appreciated, thanks!!!

Paper Tape
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Re: T60 Fan Replacement

Hi Ya,


try the follwoing link :


you can check on here your laptop model and it will show you all the parts with Fru numbers / part numbers for your laptop model.


Cheer Taggs

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