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What's DOS?
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T60 Firewire Compatability

Is it possible to leverage 1394 Firewire Cardbus within a T60?  I purchased a "i dot connect" 1394 Firewire 3 port Cardbus, which is a PCMCIA card.  When I insert the card, XP freeze's up and reboots.  Any guidance will be much appreciated!

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What's DOS?
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T60 Firewire incompatibility...

I have a T60 and I have some issues with Hamlet firewire (IEEE1394) PCMCIA cards.

When I connect these cards inside my laptop, everything stop and I need to force and reboot the operating system.

I tried with Win XP, Linux Ubuntu and I have some probs...

- Could you suggest a working firewire card?

What's DOS?
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Re: T60 Firewire Compatability

Can we get a Moderator to look at this?? My PCMCIA FireWire card crashes my T60 when I try to capture video. Seems like no one has gotten a PCMCIA card to work with this computer. Help!
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What's DOS?
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Re: T60 Firewire Compatability

I have precisely this same issue...same card, T60 Thinkpad, and same symptoms. I even updated the bios, to no avail. Upon several repeated attempts at a reboot, I eventually reach a point where I can view the cardbus and associated adaptor via Windows XP hardware manager, but not the camcorder connected with firewire (Sony camcorder and iLINK cable, in this case). Movie Maker also fails to detect the camcorder. If I unplug the firewire or cardbus, Windows freezes once again.  I verified that the cable and cardbus are both working with an IBM T30 Thinkpad, and the camera IS detected, as expected. I've talked to Microsoft, Sony, IBM, the PPA-USA website (card manufacturer) and everyone sends me back to Lenovo.  Please help!
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Re: T60 Firewire Compatability

I have T60-2007QPG. I also tried to capture video with PC-Card IEEE-1394 adapter and I also got freeze (sometimes BSOD) at the begining of video capture from camcorder. That card was built on VIA chipset. I searched the internet and found advices to use ExpressCard IEEE-1394 adapters based on Texas Instruments chipset. Also several users said that VIA chipset is not compatible with Lenovo PC-Card slot. That's why I bought TI based ExpressCard FireWire adapter and definitely it works stable on my T60.

P. S. Only one thing I can't test is to record back video from computer to camcorder.

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Re: T60 Firewire Compatability


I do have the same issue. Firewire cardbus pcmcia card will freeze the computer when inserted, both on windows and linux.

Seems like incompatible hardware. Please Lenovo, give us support. The notebook is top-of-theline one (T60P) and not specially cheap.


lead_org Microsoft MVP Contributor
Microsoft MVP Contributor
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Re: T60 Firewire incompatibility...

i got a PCMCIA $15 USD Ritmo card (the cheapest you can get) with firewire and usb ports, it works perfectly without freezing or anything. 

Jin Li

May this year, be the year of 'DO'!

I am a volunteer, and not a paid staff of Lenovo or Microsoft
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Re: T60 Firewire incompatibility...

I got another card,a pyro 1394 port from ADS technologies (an old card) which worked a bit but got broken (now it wont work on any notebook) by using it on the T60. When I plug it in it is detected as a Texas Instrument OHCI compliant IEEE 1394. However the other cards which I have are detected as VIA instead of TI, and those ones (which are the majority on the market) wont work any of them. So it seems incompatible with VIA cardbus firewire cards.

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