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T60 International Warranty Repair

Hi Guys,

Im in a bit a dilemma. I have three T60s in our thinkpad fleet here in australia that were supplid by a US company, who purchased them with an extended 3yr global warranty. One of which has just died.


It wont boot at all, the screen wont even turn on.

Originally i thought it was the battery, so i swapped it out with one from another laptop, with no luck. Tried a couple of chargers, still not luck. Then i noticed that even though a couple of the status LEDs come on, the HDD one doesnt. I tested the HDD with a USB/Sata converter, and it works fine. So basically Ive come to the conclusion the laptop needs a warranty repair.


Heres where i run into a problem,

After a phonecall to lenovo Australia, Ive found the model supplied to us (T60 2613-H4U) is not supported in Australia, and that Id have to deal with Lenovo in the USA. I then tried to phone Lenovo USA via their 1800 number, but for some reason our companies telephone provider has barred calls to international 1800 numbers! Smiley Mad


Anyway, I would prefer to deal direct with lenovo than trying to go through the company that supplied us the laptop. If someone from the lenovo support team could contact me via email so we can organise a repair, Id very much appreciate it. Smiley Happy

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