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T60 Slow to Resume from Standby

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I have noticed that ever since replacing my HD, because of (1) bad sectors and (2) it was getting noisy, it takes a long time for my T60 to resume from standby, sometimes 2 - 5 mins before it gets going again. If I shut down and restart all seems to be fine although not as fast as pre HD replacement. It seems only to be a problem when I go to and from standby. Any ideas?


Recent changes that may have impacted - I replaced my OEM 60G HD with a WD 500G HD by cloning the HD using Acronis. I didn;t reload the OS. I did have to change some BIOS settings to get the new HD to be recognised by the BIOS - something about compatability mode - not 100% sure. I'll add more details once I reboot and check these. (it was AHCI to Compatability I have since changed to AHCI again to see if this has an impact). Otherwise all else is the same. I originally cloned the HD to extend the partition to the full size of the new HD but noticed it was a lot slower and had an annoying habit of accessing the HD on a regular (approx) 1 sec interval even when idle. So I changed the partition size to about 100G thinking it would have to span physically less of the HD using Paragon HD Manager and it did make it faster.


I have Win XP SP3 2G RAM, T60 with Intel CPU T2400 @1.83GHz

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Re: T60 Slow to Resume from Standby

Sounds to me that you should get your harddrive checked. You shouldn't notice any difference in speed between a 60GB drive and a 500GB drive, apart from the fact that the 500GB drive should in theory be faster. At least given if they're both the same RPM (5400 or 7200 most likely).


If the problem persists, even after running a hardware-diagnostic, I'd recommend reinstalling. Changing the harddrive by cloning it shouldn't present any problems of this kind, but one never knows - it's amazing what can be solved by reinstalling, sometimes Smiley Wink

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Re: T60 Slow to Resume from Standby

Resuming from standby (not hibernate) should take only a few seconds...

Can you try defragmenting your drive?

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Re: T60 Slow to Resume from Standby

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Im having this same problem. Every forum says we're doing something wrong but my gateway with 1gig of ram comes out of hibernation in no time. This SL500 takes so over a minute for sure. I'm updating to SP3 right now


Defragmenting a drive won't make a huge difference in performance.

What's DOS?
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Re: T60 Slow to Resume from Standby

EDIT: BIOS flash and some drivers and now it starts up within 10 seconds. Hope somebody finds this helpful