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What's DOS?
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T60 The Pad and the keysboard dosen't work

Hi, i have a T60 but the keysboard don't work and the pad to. But sometime when i restar it the pad work. I have check in the periphérique folder and i have reinstall a driver because he was have a RED X on, the driver was Atmel Tpm But i think that's not the problem. Please anyone can i help me


And i connect a other mouse i can use it correcty.

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Betreff: T60 The Pad and the keysboard dosen't work

The Atmel TPM has nothing to do with it. - Your guess was right.


Boot from a Knoppix live-CD to test the keyboard's behavior. Do keybord and touchpad work under Linux, it might be a windows-problem..

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Re: T60 The Pad and the keysboard dosen't work

Or just boot to the BIOS.  If your keyboard work in that environment (there are some text/numeric entries) it's good.



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