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Paper Tape
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Registered: ‎01-08-2011
Location: Madison, MS
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T60 - Windows 7: recreate parttion scheme and factory image after HDD died

Hello everyone:


I've been reading you guys for a while, but just registered today.


I recently bought a used T60 with an expired warranty (ThinkPad T60 1952-43U). My HDD died without notice and before I had a chance to create backup disks.


I bought a new HDD and decided to migrate from XP to Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bits at the same time. I did a full installation and installed all the Lenovo utilities (Toolbox, R&R, Update, Battery utlity, Wireless utility, Fn, etc). Everything is working fine including the ThinkAdvantage button at boot and within Windows.


I'd like to recreate the partition scheme just like it is on those shipping with Windows 7 OEM.


I believe I would need to create the following:


Partition 1: label=RECOVERY, id=27, size=12000 (enough to fit the .wim images), letter assigned=Q

Partition 2: label=SERVICEV003, id=07 size=1499, letter assigned=S, Active

Partition 3: label=SW_Preload, letter assigned=C


Let me know if that's about right.


I also installed Windows AIK and created an image with ImageX of my boot and windows partitions. I respectively names those images Sdrivebackup.wim and Cdrivebackup.wim and saved them in the FactoryRecovery folder of my RECOVERY partition.


What else do I need on my RECOVERY partition for R&R to think that I have an original factory image and allow me to restore the whole thing in a few clicks? Do I need some .ini file identifying my images or something other utilty else. For now, when I try to restore to Factory default, R&R tells me that my recovery partition has been deleted.


Thanks and sorry for the long post

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Re: R61 - Windows 7: creating partition to get Custom Factory Recovery - How to ?