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T60 - how to restore backup onto new hard disk with advanced format

by Lenovo Staff on ‎02-27-2012 02:24 AM (5,270 Views)


This is my machie specs:

T60 (Machine Type: 1951) / Windows XP / 2.5GB / HDD 60 GB ~Trying to move to 500 GB

I have a T60 with 60GB HDD and I decided to get myself a new 500GB HDD, With the Rescue & Recovery option, I felt really confident in trying out this upgrade myself. So did the following.


Note: RR = Rescue & Recovery


  • Installed the latest RR ver 4.x on old HDD
  • Took complete backup of old HDD into a network drive (Backup file was around 13GB)
  • Made a Rescue and Recovery Start up disk using the "Create Recovery Media" option in RR
  • Removed old HDD & Installed the new HDD
  • Booted the Rescue and Recovery Startup disk and using RR pointed to the network drive and started the backup

Problem: RR finished copying the files and then it started to loop through some messages "Configuring system" and was restarting every minute or so.


Did i do anything wrong? What is the best way to get my backup restored onto my new HDD ?


Going back to factory settings is not an option for me due to other limitations.


The new HDD is a Hitachi 2.5 SATA 500GB  / 5400 RPM / 8 MB Cache . Model number: HTS547550A9E384


The method you tried should work. However, if your new HDD is "Advanced Format" and maybe that is what is causing the problem.  


Your Hitachi Model number: HTS547550A9E384 is an "Advanced Format" hard drive which uses 4,096-byte sectors instead of 512-byte sectors.  


Microsoft does not support it for XP.  Your best option is to upgrade to Win7 to use the new HDD.  It's possible to run XP on it, using a clean install that is aligned specifically for 4,096 HDDs.


Align the Advanced Format HDD with a software. That should be able to help in your case with Win XP.


Exchange for a WesternDigital(WD) 500 GB with "Advance Format" because WD has the Acronis True Image WD Edition Software and Acronis WD Align software available for download free and use later.


Acronis True Image WD Edition Software can't be installed in a non-WD HDD but could be used in future.

Their HDD Align software however can be installed in any HDD for alignment purpose.


Follow the steps below to restore the backup into new HDD with "Advanced Format".


  1. Install Acronis True Image Home 2012 (Trial version) in T60
  2. Back up old 60 GB HDD into a network drive using Acronis True Image Home 2012 (Trial version) 
  3. Create a boot media along using Acronis True Image (This also has the Acronis True Image)
  4. Get a USB to SATA docking station to format and partition new HDD WD500 GB from T60
  5. Install the free Acronis WD Align software into old HDD
  6. Align the WD500 GB with the just installed software: Acronis WD Align
  7. Shut down T60 and replace the old 60GB HDD with the new WD500 GB HDD into my T60 
  8. Boot with the Boot Media created in Step (3)
  9. In Acronis True Image CD, "Recovered" the backup from Network drive into the new WD500 GB.
  10. Done!

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Hello guys,

Great post, thank you!

I am about to upgrade my T60 as well.

I am wondering is WD Scorpio Black 750 GB SATA Hard Drive ( WD7500BPKT) applicable for that purpose? I am asking this question because an official information regarding internal HD more than 500GB is missing.

Thank you in advance for your reply.