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T60 net 2.0 error? cannot install rescue recovery or thinkvantage update

Hi I searched on .net 2.0 for this forum and cant seem to find an answer but forgive me if this is a repeat.


I have a t60. win pro sp3 just got it and want to update to all current programs drivers etc.

have successfully updated to latest BIOS and all Windows updates.

Want to put in Rescue Recovery (tvrnr423 017) and Thinkvantage updates (systemupdate315), but when I run them the wizard says cannot find .net 2.0...

I checked and I have .net 4.0 installed.  I even downloaded the Windows .net 4.0 package and did the "repair" install. 

Any suggestions?  Aren't the .net frameworks backwards compatible? I am conxidering installing .net 3.5 but am unsure if multiple .net versions will cause problems...

Thanks!  Also am I correct in understanding that the Rescue/Recovery will allow me to burn a bootable recovery CD?


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Re: T60 net 2.0 error? cannot install rescue recovery or thinkvantage update

I think the problem is that your version is to new and the rescue and recovery software you're installing doesn't recognize the newer .net version. A work-a-round would be to install 2.0, then install R+R, then upgrade back to 4.0, but keep in mind that the rescue and recover was designed before the T60 line was made and is going to be installing drivers from 2005-6 era, as well as all the lenovo products (bloatware). This program was very handy many years ago when the stuff it install was relatively new, but at this point you'd be far better to wipe your drive and free up the wasted space used by the restore partition, then install windows from a windows setup disc and run system update to get only the lenovo bloatware that you actually want. This will get you the latest versions of everything, instead of installing older versions that will need to be replaced/updated anyway.


Starting from a blank harddrive and installing using the 6-8 disc set of restore discs would take hours, then even longer running system update to reinstall most of the stuff with newer versions, then windows update...   I'd guess 3 hours or more if your sitting in front of the PC, or much longer if you let it run and click "ok" every time you pass by the system during the day. I spent about 10 hours doing it that way once...   never again!!!


Installing from an upto date windows disc takes about 20mins, then running system update is another 10mins and I'm done. 


This is my opinion, others may see value in installing all the original apps and recovery stuff, but I don't, I prefer using other recovery options, but I believe lenovo rescue and recovery will let you save your system so you can recover from any problems. I haven't used it for that but I'm told it will do this and you don't need the full load of factory apps to do it.



ps. hopefully other members will provide opinions for your consideration too, perhaps someone who uses and likes R+R can chime in and speak of it's merits to make this a more rounded discussion. 

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Re: T60 net 2.0 error? cannot install rescue recovery or thinkvantage update

You should be able to install .NET 2.0 in addition to 4. On my T60, running Win XP SP3, I have 1.1, 2.0 SP2, 3.0 SP2, 3.5 SP1, and 4 without any issues.

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