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Paper Tape
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T60 new hard drive installation. how can I transfer software w/o reinstalling?

Hey guys I have an 80gig and it is crashing, I reparied it and have it going for now, I bought the new Hitachi 7200rpm 200gig to install and right now I have it in an external case so I can hook it up to USB.  I understand that I can make a set of recovery disk and install the new hard drive and then run them.  But I do NOT understand if it will just install the recovery partition and windows and then I have to reinstall all my sofware.  I am on international travel and don't have the ability to reinstall everyhting.  Will the recovery disk reinstall my software applications and software or just what the system came with new.  I hear of IBM system migration software which transfers files and settings, so maybe thats what I need, but I can't find enough info on it to know for sure. I would just like to hear it from somene that has moved over everything from one hard drive to another.  If I could reinstall the software there wouldn't be any problems, but I need to have all my data transferred including the software programs without any re-installation.  Thanks  DK

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