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Paper Tape
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T60 slow - FSB stuck at 166 MHz

Lenovo T60 - Core 2 T5500 @ 1.66 GHz / 1 GB RAM

This laptop is so slow as to be unusable with Vista.

The FSB won't budge from 166.3 MHz, measured using CPU-Z. AC or battery power, or changing the Vista power scheme makes no difference.

The CPU tests fine with a Mersenne prime stress test, it just takes an eternity.

The RAM tests fine with MemTest86+.


It's leading me to believe the chipset may be bad... Smiley Sad


Thanks in advance for any insight!

lead_org Microsoft MVP Contributor
Microsoft MVP Contributor
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Re: T60 slow - FSB stuck at 166 MHz

have you tried to reformat the laptop hdd and reinstall the OS using, the Restore factory default feature in Rescue and Recovery (press the blue thinkvantage feature during the initial post startup)? Also burn a set of recovery media before you do this (start -> program -> thinkvantage -> create rescue and recovery discs)..


Also most of the T60 have a 3 year warranty, your laptop may still be under warranty, if it is and the above method fails, get Lenovo service to look at it for you, they will do the appropriate fix up for you.


Here is the warranty information page, check whether you are still under warranty.


Good luck. 


Jin Li

May this year, be the year of 'DO'!

I am a volunteer, and not a paid staff of Lenovo or Microsoft
Paper Tape
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Re: T60 slow - FSB stuck at 166 MHz

I should have been more specific.

I did try all the obvious fixes for a slow system, reinstall, etc.

The laptop is out of warranty, so I stopped by here first.


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Re: T60 slow - FSB stuck at 166 MHz

Was it always this slow, from new?
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