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What's DOS?
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T60P-2007 Heats up and turns off by itself

This problem has just started hapening after some thinkvantage updates.
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Re: T60P-2007 Heats up and turns off by itself

what temperature are you getting to? download Everest............ also is your laptop in performance or power save mode?

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Re: T60P-2007 Heats up and turns off by itself

Is there any air blowing from the vents on the back left side of your unit? Also is the bottom of  your unit warmer than normal? Most of the time, this is due to a mechanical issue with your CPU fan. If that unit is heating up and cutting off, that's an indication that your fan is not cooling the unit properly. It's the thermal sensor on the fan that is turning off your unit when it overheats. I'd highly recommend contacting tech support to get your fan replaced (Is your unit is covered by warranty?) This should fix the problem.







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Re: T60P-2007 Heats up and turns off by itself

Before you send in your T60p for service, I'd suggest that you try to clean the fan yourself, either using a strong vacuum cleaner or a blast from a can of compressed air. I did the latter a while back and that reduced average temperatures by about 10℃. That said, if your system overheats so much that it cuts out then it's quite possible that there is a fan or sensor malfunction.
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