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Paper Tape
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T60P ATI Vertical Stripes

Hello. I've recently found a T60p, on an Polish Ebay. It's all great but it has some vertical stripes. The seller says that it was an  ATI graphic error and a blue screen and now it has some stripes.

Is this GPU fault? Or it's the matrix?

What's important - the **bleep** say also that on Windows XP there is a blue screen when installing ATI driver. On Windows 7 there is almost no stripes, when he played the game there were no stripes.

Here's the link and the photos:  T60p


And my second question. Does the Nvidia in T61p is so prone to failure as in T61? It's an another quaddro, but it's still the same family, so I'm afraid to buy T61/T61p and I'm looking for some T60p, but it's hard to find it with wide screen. And I see that ATI can be prone to failure too. I will see what You think;


I hope You'll help, thanks.

Bit Torrent
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Re: T60P ATI Vertical Stripes

The GPU fails differently on the T61 series and both the T61 and T61p nVidia chips can fail. The most prone to fail are systems built before march 2008, less likely to fail are April 2008 to July 2008. August 2008 and newer rarely fail.


The T60 GPU chip itself rarely fails, but the solder connections that attach it to the system board can crack. This is actually repairable, but it would probably be cheaper to replace the system board then to repair it, as the T60 series boards are easy to source at a reasonable price, unlike the T61 that aren't easily repaired and the internet is full of improperly repaired boards.


I know of a reputable repair company in the UK if you want your board fixed, but I'd recommend checking on the cost to replace it first.


Good Luck

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