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Paper Tape
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T60P issues with Sprint WWAN - poor Vista compatibility

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I am trying to connect my 2007-8HU T-60P to a sprint wireless card, both USB and express-card (Sierra) styles. I'm running Vista Business edition. I've been through the ringer with Sprint, the manufacturer of the USB device (Franklin), and all of the support inbetween. The USB device will work on my XP machine. I can run a ATT aircard (Sierra).
Where am I going wrong?
I am ready to downgrade to XP just to see if it works!

Mod edit - clarified issue/solution in title

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Punch Card
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Re: T60P issues with Sprint WWAN

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I have a Sprint Pantech WWAN PC Card running on a T61p with Vista. I have all kinds of problems and have contacted Sprint multiple times. Their Vista driver is terrrible. Mine works kind of, but I have to put up with BSODs and locks ups frequently.
I have not tried the Sierra card. Out of curiousity why did you go with the sierra card? The Pantech was less expensive at my Sprint store. I was going to switch to the Sierra card due to the problems I have been having with this card. Sounds like the Siera driver isn't much better.
What problem are you having exactly? Do you have the latest driver from the sprint web site? My Pantech didn't work at all until I got the latest drvier. 
BTW, this is not a ThinkPad issue. I have another brand of notebook that fails in the same way with Vista.

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Paper Tape
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Re: T60P issues with Sprint WWAN

I have tried the Sierra Card in the Sprint Store, along with the 727, all to no avail. Currently, I have the Franklin CDU-680 through Millenicom (they allow month to month subscriptions at $49), and personally would go with the 727 for the form factor and the ability to throw in a microsd card.

The problem I've had is that the card is marginally seen by the computer (shows up on the device manager, but doesn't show up as a modem in the network controls) and is recognizsed by the sprint connection manager, but every time I attempt to connect it goes from disconnected to initialize to disconnected. The funny thing is that it will send and receive info to provide my location!

I finally gave in and changed my system back to XP, and everything hooks up right away. The idea I'm getting here is that the EVDO drivers/software is not configured correctly for Vista, as it is acrossthe board with both the USB and express card modems.

So annoying, but much with Vista is- I may reconsider the OS when SP 1 is released. For now, I won't live without my WWAN, so there I am.

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