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Paper Tape
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T60p acpi irq error - Vista Business 32

My system will hang occassionally when powering up. System process shows 100% cpu utilization. Battery will get very hot quickly when this happens, and very hot air blowing out of the vents. Hard reboot will eventually resolve issue. Sometimes requires 2-4 hard reboots before issue goes away.


Recently upgraded to Vista SP2, updated BIOS and all Lenovo software and software drivers (specifically Power Manager and ACPI drivers), still occassionally receive hanging issue. Thought it was only when powering up on battery power, but found issue resurfaced when plugged in as well.


Msinfo32 shows all IRQ's as ok, unable to open msinfo32 when system hangs as msinfo32 hangs.


Vista reports issue as ACPI IRQ error and points me to Lenovo. Unable to determine exact cause.


Battery/AC adapter product numbers not listed as those to be recalled.


This is a factory configured system, no hardware changes or special software installed.


Is anyone experiencing a similar issue?

Serial Port
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Re: T60p acpi irq error - Vista Business 32

I am not having that level of problem, but I am being told that there is a device that can't be loaded because of "ACPI IRQ Holder".  I also don't have any any audio output devices now.





Thinkpad T60p 8743CTO

BIOS Version/Date LENOVO 7IET34WW (1.15 ), 7/16/2008

SMBIOS Version 2.4 

Vista Ultimate 32 SP2


CPU 2 GHz T7200 Core 2 Duo


T60p, Model 8743CTO, CPU T7200 Core II Duo, RAM 2 GB, Mobility ATI
Paper Tape
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Re: T60p acpi irq error - Vista Business 32

I have removed the battery entirely since my original post and have not experienced the same problems so far - running purely on AC power. My system is an 8744 j2u, and the last 2 digits of the battery part number are 33 and 34. Recalls ended in 31 and 32 I believe. It seems to me that the battery is the issue, or the acpi drivers. I'm still trying to determine if a specific windows hotfix is causing the incompatibility with the driver, or if its a bad battery.


Thanks for the response. I'll update the post with any of my findings.

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