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T60p w/ no BT found, no I/O port access menu installing Windows 7

by on ‎01-18-2012 07:26 PM (1,537 Views)


I have a ThinkPad T60p w/ factory bluetooth option, but no bluetooth is found in the device manager with either the XP preload or another drive I imaged with Windows 7. 


I have installed all updates, updated to latet BIOS, but still no BT device found, no BT radio under FN+F5, all the usual stuff fails. I have no "I/O port access" menu at all under BIOS security and I believe that this is where I would enable BT (if it is in fact installed and not dead). 



There should be a setting in the BIOS - you may have to scroll down - switch  from hidden to enabled. 


If the BIOS shows it active, and yet still now showing in device manager or under FN+F5, then

check that the BT-device module  it is still connected to the cable in the LCD assembly.  If the LCD were previously serviced, it may have become detacted.


 The following hardware guides can help you locate this depending on whether you have the normal (4:3) or widescreen 16:10 versions.

T60 4:3

T60 wide

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I have IBM think pad T40-2373- 7G3.

I want to enable a Bluetooth. I replaced MDC card with new Bluetooth BMDC card 91P7315 but Bluetooth still doesn't work. I have upgraded BIOS, installed Bluetooth software, enabled through FN+5.  I realised there is no antenna. I searched IBM parts list and seems I need part number 13N5515. Can you advise is this correct and what is the price and is it necessary to also purchase tape No:13N5105 and clear plate No:13N5666 to enable Bluetooth on my laptop?