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What's DOS?
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Hi there,

I have had my T60p for ~6 years now and love it.

I was wondering if someone could advice me on how to connect it to a 27-inch Apple LED Cinema Display with 2560-by-1440 resolution - what kind of adapter is needed?

Would the ATI Mobility FireGL V5250 support it?

I would appreciate any advice. Thank you very much!

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Re: T60p

Hi brossam, welcome to the forum.


According to the original IBM announcement letter for the T60p with ATI Mobility FireGL V5200 video, the maximum supported resolution with an external monitor is 2048x1536 pixels.



A couple of other options you might want to investigate:

1. An external video adapter that fits into the T60p PCCard slot.

2. A ThinkPad Advanced Dock for the T60p that holds a standard video adapter card.


I don't know if either option would work or if it did, if the performance would be acceptable. While the T60p was top-of-the-line in its day, it's an old system whose specs pale by comparison with today's mainstream systems. (Except for that gorgeous 4:3 1600x1200 IPS display Smiley Wink) If yours has served you as well as mine has, you've gotten a tremendous value from it.


Cheers... Dorian Hausman • ca.gif English community
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