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Paper Tape
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T61 7500 Upgrade

I have a T61 7500 2.2 ghz laptop. Is it possible to replace my 2.2 ghz processor with a faster one, without replacing the

motherboard or anything else?

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Re: T61 7500 Upgrade

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Hi, and welcome to the forums!


What you currently have is a "Merom" CPU, upgrades include a T7700 (also a Merom) and Penryn CPUs (up to a T9500). Both types of these CPU's (Merom and Penryn) use socket P and work using the same motherboard chipset (GM965), so theoretically it should be possible.


However, unless the Penryns require some additional thermal IC for proper function -  such an upgrade would depend on the motherboard revision, the newest version mobos already carry all hardware fully supporting Penryn CPUs, earlier version mobos may not. A BIOS upgrade would also be in order.


Would be best to get input from a Lenovo engineer on this one for clarification on motherboard revisions and Penryn upgradablitlity on the T61 series system boards.


Hope this helps

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Paper Tape
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Re: T61 7500 Upgrade

 I think it will. Thanks

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Re: T61 7500 Upgrade

Hello  eu5277,


Could you please post if you come up with anything on this?? I would be very interested to hear if you had any luck! Thanks.





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Re: T61 7500 Upgrade

I believe this was answered on the forum a few weeks ago.  There was some issue with a "thermal sensing error" using the Penryn CPU.  Do a search on for this.

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