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Fanfold Paper
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Re: T61: 9-Cell battery failure (FRU#42T4511)

Hi, I have a T61  a 7664-A12 model and my battery served me for only 231 cycles and its FRU is 42T5262 ( 6 cell). Now I am ordering a new 9 cell battery and the FRU thats being shipped is 42T4511. Googled the FRU and this thread came on top "T61: 9-Cell battery failure (FRU#42T4511)" is this battery that bad? Or its just that most of lenovo's battery are so? Should I still continue the purchase? Today, my laptop has turned into a desktop, as I cannot work without the cord plugged into an outlet! Btw, does this failure (in comparison with older batteries) has something to do with the chemistry of the battery? I understand that the older batteries were using NiCd or NiMh but they suffer memory loss. Maybe this is the the disadvantage of Li ion.. please help

Fanfold Paper
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Re: T61: 9-Cell battery failure (FRU#42T4511)

can't seem to find a good or any explanation on what causes this premature failure.  it's not a fault  due to Lithium Ion batteries, I've seen some nonsense about consumer safety - ie. Lithium Ion n batteries are designed to only last through so many charge cycles, call it marketing or safety, they obviously screwed up somewhere & batteries were cutting out too quick.  It's most likely related to a defective protection circuit within the battery itself (ie. reason for recall but Lenovo decided to screw anyone who got more than 18 months out of a battery).


Hopefully you didn't purchase an OEM battery from lenovo, when mine failed I bought a generic replacement (9 cell) for $35 new, I'm getting about 5 hrs out of full charge - when you pull up manufacturer info about the battery on the omputer, guess who made this one?  SONY!!.  I purchased it through campus111 dotcom   For some odd reason the computer doesn't recognize that this battery is not OEM?


Just goes to show you some of these replacement batteries are made by legitimate manufacturers - only difference is they are drastically cheaper than OEM & the sticker placed on the battery is different.

Fanfold Paper
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Re: T61: 9-Cell battery failure (FRU#42T4511)

I dont know yet the manufacturer of the batter thats being shipped, but I guess its a replacement too. I will post an update once I had my hands on the new battery.
Paper Tape
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Re: T61: 9-Cell battery failure (FRU#42T4511)

Dear All,


Faced the same problem day before yesterday with my T61. My  battery was giving me a bckup of 2 hrs easily and then I get the message " irrepairable damage has been detected.... replace battery..." with the battery LED blinking amber. I was pretty surprised and  was pretty convinced this was a software issue so I updated the Thinkpad Power manager software and the BIOS using the Thinkpad System update software.


No luck still. It now gives me a message saying " The battery has failed due to normal wear. The battery cannot be charged. Replace the battery."


My battery data is:


FRU part number: 92P1139 (as per power manager) (interestingly, 92P1141 qualifies for replacement as per the Lenovo website)

FRU part number: 42T4622 (as written on the battery)

ASM: 92P1140 (as written on battery)

Manufacture date: 2008-10-20

First used date: 2009-05

Manufacturer: Panasonic

Cycle count: 451


I know the cycle count is high, but I have been very friendly with my battery. And the fact that it decides to conk off on its own one day when it was giving me comfortable 2hr backups previously does not speak well of Lenovo's reliability. My replacement battery might well do the same and I do not know what I should be doing now.


This is my second frustrating experience with Lenovo service. My machine gave me a fan error last year which got resolved on its own. But this is what I had to go through:












What's DOS?
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Re: T61: 9-Cell battery failure (FRU#42T4511)

Hi all,


Just got my T61p back from Service from a local reseller after MB switch. Now the Battery 42T4511 is dead. I think this is triggered by a software feature built in to boost sales of new Batteries, which also would make the feature fixable by rewinding the trigger. Anybody got any ideas or comments?