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Re: T61 Adapters

dknia wrote:
Given that the wattage are sufficient, does anyone know what happens if you supply a new T61 with 16V from a legacy T4x PSU-brick (assuming the correct adapter for the new socket is used).

amperage is the same with each (90W/20V=4.5A and 72W/16V=4.5A) but wattage is too low.   because of this, a modified 72W adapter would underpower the system and could cause damage.

given how inexpensive spare adapters are (~$35), your best bet is to simply buy the correct adapter.

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Re: T61 Adapters

Thank you for your quick answers. Pretty much what I was suspecting.

However, with new PSU's running at at least 3-4 times the US price here, and with more than a handful old ones, it was at least worth a shot to see if U guys would think there was a way... Not least because i have all the old ones personally(my own), and my employer are unlikely to finance extras, so I would have to buy from my own pocket or bring the adapter to/from work every day (pain of crawling under the table 2*/day for connecting/disconnecting).

Trouble is - to add insult to injury - that battery life seems to be more like an UPS to just barely give U time enough to save your work while off the AC PSU rather than a real alternative for travelling and working from home. Smiley Mad

Oh well- hope I can be allowed to keep my trusted T41P even though its going out of service. Then I also don't have to go from 1440*1050 to <arrgh> 1280*800 - unbearable  Smiley Sad
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Re: T61 Adapters

understand how you feel.... that is one of the reason that i got a dock system with my new Lenovo Thinkpads.... it comes with a spare power supply unit..... so i don't have to go under the table to unplug.... simply undock and bob is your uncle... don't have to worry about unplugging and wind up the power supply cables, then shove it in the laptop bag..... too much effort.....