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T61: Battery Threshold Ignored

Hello all!


I have some problems with my T61P notebook (8889-3fg) and its battery. My old battery stopped working so I bought a new original (at least the shops states that it is original) lenovo battery for my notebook (FRU: 42T4620; Manufacturer: Panasonic). Everything with the battery works fine except that any battery charging thresholds are being ignored by my new battery.

Because of advises from different magizines I use 20% - 90% charging thresholds. Unfortunately, power manager ignores these thresholds and always charges battery to 100%.


To localize the problem, I installed a completely now Windows 7 system together with latest power management drivers and latest power manager version. The problem still exists!

I also did a recalibration of my battery - The problem still exists!


I am running out of ideas what i could do else...


What is very interesting: While the battery is being charged, the status display in power manager switches from "No Activity" to "Charging" continuously within about 10 seconds. 


Please help me. Thank you!!!

Here are some more details about my battery:




Sorry everything is in german - please contact me for translations!



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Re: T61: Battery Threshold Ignored

One thing I notice that seems strange is the full charge is a good bit higher then the design capacity. This isn't unusual for a new battery, but my experience is the genuine batteries with panasonic cells usually have the exact capacity as the design limits. Other cell manufactures tend to vary, but not the panasonic. 


I don't know if everyone has had the same experience with panasonic batteries, but having about 20 new genuine ones, not a single one has shown a full charge like that. Perhaps you can show a photo of the battery?  there are some very convincing fake lenovo batteries being sold, so it would be nice to be sure yours is genuine.


I'd also recommend trying different limits and make sure your charge thresholds are set to "custom" not "optimize".

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