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Paper Tape
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Re: T61, Bios Error code only on reboot...

It does keep the time, I pulled out the backup battery and tested it, it read 3v. Oddly enough, after having the battery out for an hour and removing the backup battery, i replaced them and reset the clock and it rebooted...once. But I have been unable to replicate it.

lead_org Microsoft MVP Contributor
Microsoft MVP Contributor
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Re: T61, Bios Error code only on reboot...

you would most likely having a motherboard problem, unless you got the machine for less than 100 dollars, otherwise i would return the machine pronto.

Jin Li

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Re: T61, Bios Error code only on reboot...

This is just speculation, but from observation, it's obvious that these system boards detect and change memory configuration automatically, unlike older systems that require you to enter and save your bios setting when memory is installed, so my thinking was that on a hard reboot (cold boot), it detects the ram and it works fine, but on a soft reboot, it can't remember and isn't triggered to automatically detect the ram, so you get the error. 


Removing and replacing the cmos battery may have cleared this problem, but it is also very likely you do have a failing system board.  


Good luck

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