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What's DOS?
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Re: T61 Blank Screen as Windows Starts

I had the same problem. I went to BIOS (repeatedly pressing F1 while turning on the laptop), CONFIG,  Display, and there are three settings.

1. Default Primary Video Device -- should be Internal

2. Boot Display Device -  in my case it was Analog (VGA), I changed it to ThinkPad LCD.

That last change resolved my case. I will be monitoring it.


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Re: T61 Blank Screen as Windows Starts

You nVidia Graphics Card is dying!

Backup all of your files as long as its still possible or you may regret it.


Solution:  Motherboard replacement or Professional infrared Reballing of the nVidia Quadro Chip!

Prevention:  Clean the heatsinks, put new thermal paste (recommend Arctic silver) on the CPU, GPU and Chipset and use TPfancontroll (free software).


When you buy a nVidia T61 / T61p - make shure it's manufacturing date on its back says "08/08" (August 2008) - OR later!!!

July 2008 is a gamble and anything before July will be much more likely to fail any time soon!!!



T61 7665-CTO/VBU [08/08]
CPU: T7300 [2.0GHz 4MB]
GPU: NVS 140m [128MB]
RAM: [2GB] Kingston DDR2
HDD: WD3200BEVT [320GB]
OS : Windows 7 Home Premium
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Re: T61 Blank Screen as Windows Starts

[ Edited ]

hoax32 you are right, mine manufacturing date was 09/07 and needless to say I had a lot of problems with it. 


A bit of an update. Initially it was determined that the fan was badly installed/manufactured and laptop used to overheat. On tpfancontrol I had temperatures going up to 95 degree C before laptop would auto shut down. The overheating eventually led to graphic card/motherboard being fried. At this point my laptop was in a 3 year warranty so lenovo took it upon themselves to fix my laptop but the only thing they did was replace the motherboard. they did nothing with regards to the fan. The faulty fan stayed in the laptop and even with my best effort to keep the laptop cool, the motherboard fried again.


i called lenovo support at thes time and was told that my laptop was now out of warranty and the cost to fix it would be over $400. It wasn't really worth it so i left it be but then i found on the lenovo website that I could extend the warranty on my laptop. i made a few calls to lenovo warranty team, paid $80 for a warranty as they had a reduced price at that time, waited a  few days and called them again for repair. 


Well this time round, they didn't ask any rediculous amount. cos now it was in 'warranty'. This time round i insisted on having the fan looked at and they finally removed the motherboard and the fan. Its been over a  years now since that repair and the laptop has been running perfectly  all this time.


The way I look at it, I paid $1000 for a laptop and another $80 to extend warranty...lenovo on the other hand probably paid rougly about $500 for the two motherboard and fan changes. They could have saved themselves a lot of money if they had used the correct diagnostic process and had a robust quality control on their product. 



What's DOS?
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Re: T61 Blank Screen as Windows Starts

I had a similar problem. My screen went totally dark and the only display light that was on was the bluetooth one. I could barely read thinkpad and windows while the laptop was booting. 

I tried the usual way of pressing the power button 10-15 times without the battery and AC power and then holding the power button for 30 seconds. Then connecting the battery and pressing the main power button. It did not work. I think static discharge was not the actual problem. 
I tried all the ways, was fed up and then I pat on the back of the screen lightly about 4-5 times and suddenly all the lights turned on and the screen came back to life. It worked for me, may be it might work for you guys too.