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Paper Tape
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T61 DVD-ROM Driver Issue

Hi There,


I have just reinstalled my system and installed the programs. But i have noticed that, my GCC-4247N driver cannot load with The operating system error. I cannot use my DVd-ROM, because the Vista cannot locate the drivers. I have spent 3-4 hours just reformating the computer, installing the latest drivers and the software. Please do not tell me to reformat the computer and do all these again. is there any thing i can do to reinstall this driver? I have tried uninstalling, updating. They don't seem to work correctly..


Thank you,

Best Regards


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Re: T61 DVD-ROM Driver Issue



please look at your device manager, if your cd-rom is porperly installed. (No yellow sign on it).


If it is istalled well, then may be your hardware is faulty, normally you don´t need drivers to get it running.


You can check your drive with PC-Doctor from recovery partition, or boot with a Live CD,
like Knoppix and look if your drive is noticed and operable.




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Paper Tape
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Re: T61 DVD-ROM Driver Issue

Device manager tells me that "Windows cannot load the device driver for this hardware. The driver may be corrupted or missing.(Code 39)." there is a exclamation mark right on the Cd-Rom icon. Drive seems to be fine, cuz it can boot from cd.

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Re: T61 DVD-ROM Driver Issue

I have been having a similar problem for months, and also tried restoring the computer to factory settings.


The DVD RAM (Mat**bleep**a UJ-852) spins and seems to be loading, but then nothing launches and it's not recognized in My Computer. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling the driver and get the message: "Device driver was not successfully installed". When I right click on the driver in properties it says "This device cannot start". Yet it spins when I put a disk in so something is working. I've also tried resetting the player in the bay. 

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Re: T61 DVD-ROM Driver Issue

I would get into Rescue and Recovery by pressing the blue button at boot-up and run the diagnostics on the cd drive. If it is not recognized or fails you need to exercise your warranty.
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Re: T61 DVD-ROM Driver Issue

Thanks for the suggestion. I did this (ThinkAdvantage blue button) and ran PC doctor on the disk drive. It passed all 5 tests (on a CD, DVD etc.).  So I'm at a loss as to why the drive isn't recognized when I boot up, but still spins when I put a CD or DVD in.  Do you think something is conflicting with the driver?  Andy
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Re: T61 DVD-ROM Driver Issue

I am having the same issue with the same error.  This has occurred since I ran Lenovo's System Update utility.  I have a colleague running the same version of Vista on similar hardware and he has not go this issue.  I suspect mine is an issue with the firmware as it was working fine until I executed a firmware update from System Update.


Does anyone know if you can roll back the firmware or install a previous version?