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Fanfold Paper
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T61: Keyboard Customizer for Windows 7

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Hello Everyone,


today I upgraded from Windows XP(32bit) to Windows 7 (64bit). After setting up the operating system I used Lenovo System Update to install all necessary drivers etc. But finally I recognized, that there is no "Keyboard Customizer for Windows 7" on the Lenovo website  Smiley Sad. In the office I'm using my laptop in an advanced minidock and have an external keyboard (Lenovo Enhanced USB keyboard) for input.

Using the Keyboard Customizer it was possible to emulate the missing Fn-Button on the external keyboard  for example using Strg+Alt+Fx. This way it was possible to use all the combinations of Fn+F2 to Fn+F12 with an external keyboard.

What can I do to get this functionality  on Windows 7 systems?

There is not installer in the download section for T61 (only Windows XP and Windows Vista). Does anyone know if Lenovo will provide one later on or if the Version for Windows Vista can be used?


Kind Regards



PS: There is also no Presentation Director for Windows 7.

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Re: T61: Keyboard Customizer for Windows 7

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Hi KingTutt,


The keyboard customizer version for Vista will work just fine for Windows 7. I don't know if there will ever be a version created for Windows 7, but until then you can use the Vista version.


The presentation director won't be needed since Windows 7 have a built-in feature to do the same thing by pressing Fn-F7 or Windows key-P. I know that presentation director had some more features, but it's discontinued so as far as i know there will be no presentation director for Windows 7.



Fanfold Paper
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Re: T61: Keyboard Customizer for Windows 7

Hello gan,


thanks for pointing that out. In deed the Windows Vista version works fine even on 64bit Windows 7! Smiley Happy

Blue Screen Again
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Re: T61: Keyboard Customizer for Windows 7

I too am having problems with the Lenovo Hot keys after upgradinging my T61 Thinkpad from Vista to Windows 7.  I tried downloading some drivers but it didn't amke any difference.  I'm not sure which drivers I need to download.  When installing Windows 7 I got a message that Windows 7 might interfere with ThinkVantage,Client Security Solution, Think Pad Easy Eject, Presentation Director, Rescue and Recovery and System Migration Assistant.  The installation suggested but did not require that I uninstall these programs.  I did not uninstall them, and wonder if that may be part of the problem.

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Re: T61: Keyboard Customizer for Windows 7



Have you tried running the ThinkVantage System Update program to update any Windows Vista-era ThinkVantage software on your T61 to their applicable Windows 7 counterparts? 




Aryeh Goretsky


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Re: T61: Keyboard Customizer for Windows 7

Yes, the Vista version works (mostly). I have it running on my T43p in Win7. However, I have to activate it every time I boot up. It sems to deactivate itself each time I close the lid (hibernate) or shutdown/reboot.


Anyone else having the same quirky / annoying problem??



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Re: T61: Keyboard Customizer for Windows 7

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I know it's an old topic, but I've been faced with the same behavior on Windows 7. After restarting or leaving Hibernation Mode the ThinkPad Keyboard Customizer settings seemed to be lost.


I have partly solved the problem with starting the Keyboard Customizer as Admin (right click), now the settings are kept almost every reboot or returning from hybernation.

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