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Posts: 11
Registered: ‎10-21-2008
Location: Stuart, FL
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T61 - Missing "Add Bluetooth Device Wizard" Software?

I've been unsuccessful in pairing my LG GR500 cell phone with my T61 (6459-CTO).  It worked fine for months, but something must have changed on my PC.  I fear that my "Add Bluetooth Device Wizard" software has been deleted or corrupted.  I have uninstalled/reinstalled the Bluetooth Radio many times in Device Manager and that has not helped.  I'm up-to-date on Windows Update. I've read the verbiage on the Lenovo Support website and uninstalled/reinstalled the Bluetooth Enhanced Data Rate Software II several times, but still no luck.  I have version installed now. The Bluetooth symbol appears in my Task Tray and I can click on it to open Bluetooth Settings, Add A Bluetooth Device, etc. My phone never appears there.  The Bluetooth on my phone works just fine since I have it paired up with my car and use that all the time.  My phone also "finds" my laptop and then requests a Passcode, however, I no longer see any software on my laptop where I can specify the Passcode. It used to be there, but now it's gone. I can't find anywhere to download it either. Can someone direct me to the proper Lenovo software download?  In my Network Connections, there is a Bluetooth Network Connection, and I can click on it and select "View Bluetooth Network Devices", however, my phone does not appear. If I select "Diagnose This Connection", it runs and I get this message: "The Network Adapter Bluetooth Network Connection Is Not Connected. Windows found a problem that cannot be repaired automatically. Contact your internet service provider or network administrator..... etc.".  Well, there are no errors or triangles in my Device Manager. It shows everything to be working fine. I have uninstalled/reinstalled the Bluetooth Radio and Network Adapter many times and no luck afterwards.  

My wife also has a working Bluetooth phone and that does not appear either, yet my phone "finds" her phone. 

I used to have software that let me change the Passcode, etc.  Where could it have gone???  And how do I get it back???  PLEASE HELP me and thanks.  Happy Holidays.....  GT