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T61 Model 7661-RD5 not on Lenovo Support website

I recently purchased a used Thinkpad T61 model 7661-RD5.  When I went to and entered that model number it didn't find it.  Noticed a similar post on this site about another T61 model not showing up being listed under an alternate model number.  Wondering if this might be the case for this model as well.  Any help about the model details or original specs for it would be appreciated.  Trying to confirm what battery it needs and what screen resolution should be.  Best Regards, Brian

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Re: T61 Model 7661-RD5 not on Lenovo Support website

Your model is older so its been EOL(End of Life).  Below is the site that has any information on that model.  The hardware maintenance manual section probably has what you need.  I dont know if you have the 14 or 15 inch model. FrustratedubNavSmiley Frustratedupport:MoreSmiley Surprisedther%20Lenovo%20Brands|End%...

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