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T61 - New HDD - Clonezilla

I plan to boost my old T61p with a new HDD. In fact and to be honest, one of the SMART indicators (spin) is beyond the Threshold...Time for action! SSD is still expensive and I have read that SATA II while supported will only transfer at SATA I rate...true/false? What would be your best pick for a 320 GB drive? Once the choice is made, my intention was to use clonezilla by saving the current HDD as an Image on an external HD, then replace the old HDD by the new one and finally to boot again from clonizella to restore the old HDD to the new one. Is it a good or bad idea? are there any known issues (like repairing the boot flag by using the blue thinkvantage button) ? Many thanks in advance for your advices!
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Betreff: T61 - New HDD - Clonezilla

Might be no problem.


Clonezilla saves the complete HDD includung boot-sectors and -records and recovers them onto the new drive.

Maybe you'll have to resize the partition-sizes - GParted on an PartecMagic-CD ist a very good tool for it.




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