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Re: T61 Not Booting

there are some youtube videos of people fixing it themselves but I would look on ebay or other places and find a motherboard without the nvidia GPU I've seen t61 MBs for $75. on ebay

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Re: T61 Not Booting

That is what I will do!



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Re: T61 Not Booting

You should atleast try a different Memory Module. It might solve the problem.

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Re: T61 Not Booting

It could possibly be BOOT.TIDSERV, had it on my computer, sounds JUST Like what happend to me! 

(You will need to wipe out the harddrive if it is BOOT.TIDSERV)

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What's DOS?
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Re: T61 Not Booting

The same problem happened to me too and solved it by CMOS reset (described in steps below for non-experts). Basically its not problem with the Laptop, it happens due to force shutdown using power button.


1. Disconnect power cord.

2. Remove main battery.

3. Remove CMOS battery - Instruction videos available in youtube.

4. Keep the system overnight without CMOS battery to reset (30 mins might be sufficient to reset, if in hurry try it).

5. Put back CMOS battery, reassemble the system and put the main battery.

6. Connect the power cord and wait for 2 Hrs.

7. Start the system.