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T61 System Restore and Partition vs CD/DVD Recovery...

Just got my new T61 last week and I am experiencing some problems with System Restore (Vista Ultimate).

A little background. I have not registered my T61 yet online and have not installed the Norton program that came with it (not a fan of Norton and was researching a new AV program...been using McAfee for years but wanted a change...decided on ESET Smart Security but have not installed it (or any AV program yet)...but I digress). I did install some MS updates.

I typed up a document earlier today and, not having my printer hooked up yet I put a USB flash stick in to download the file with the intent of printing off my desktop. My T61 recognized the stick and then brought up a screen that said something about downloading something (why?) and then said there was some sort of problem and did I want to fix it. I said no and thought, better not be a bug...although would be very surprised as have only used the flash stick for a couple of word docs...but of course ya never know. I removed it immediately and thought how dumb to take a chance.

A few things were acting slightly differently...but may have been my paranoia...but regardless..I figured I'd use System Restore and then download my new antivirus software.

Problem: I picked 3 different restore points and all of them go to the screen that says "Please wait while your Windows files and settings are being restored System Restore is intializing" and just seems to hang for 5-10 minutes before I finally have to hit the power button to shut it down (not good I know, but nothing else I tried seems to work).

Things now are not quite right and I figure, before I go through all the work of adding new programs and personal files I should probably just do a clean install.

Question: Is it better to do this clean install/recovery off of the HD partition or from the recovery CD and DVDs I made when I got the computer?

Also...apart from document files I created...will I lose anything that came on the computer or lose the back-up partition? Will my computer really go back to the way it was when I opened the box?

Finally, are there any negatives or detriments to doing this?

Truth is, I went throught this a couple of years ago with my desktop...but it has been a while and I really don't want to screw anything up with my new T61.

Thank you very much!!
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Re: T61 System Restore and Partition vs CD/DVD Recovery...

If you run the restore discs you will lose everything. Backup to your memory stick.
It should delete all partitions and reinstall the restore partition. Then you will reinstall windows from the restore partition. The Thinkpad will be exactly as it was when it came out of the box barring any extras you may have purchased with the machine such as Microsoft Office. That will be on another disc which should be included in the box.
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Re: T61 System Restore and Partition vs CD/DVD Recovery...

Did something attempt to run from the USB flash drive?  You might want to examine it to see if there an AUTORUN.INF file on it in the root directory.
Opinions may vary on this, but I have always believed that the best way to start with a clean environment is to wipe the hard disk drive and then load the operating system from the recovery media.
One thing to keep in mind if you are switching anti-virus software is that you may need to take additional steps to manually remove any remnants of the old anti-virus software before installing the new package.
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