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Paper Tape
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One More Solution to the Problem

I also have a T61 and after reading all the forums I ended up taking the BIOS battery and the main battery out and leaving only AC power plugged and caaabang it started I was so happy. After putting everything back together I turned on the power and set the bios settings to correct date and time. Windows showed loading and I was back in as a happy camper ) But once I shut down I could not turn it back on again without unplugging the cmos battery, that lead me to believe that there was a short somewhere so after dusting everything out with compressed air and cleaning everything with an anti-static cloth I was able to narrow down the problem... the freaking docking port was oxidized but you can' tell unless you press the little plastic cover down!!! I got some rubbing alcohol and equipment cleaner and proceeded to clean the **bleep** port out, once complete I took the bios battery out one more time, and put it back in and ever since I have not had a problem starting the **bleep** thing up. Hope this helps to those that are looking for one more solution to this problem.Smiley Very Happy


Cheers, Nick.


T61 15" WSXGA+

Intel 2.2 Ghz 

2GB Ram


Intel AGN

Paper Tape
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Re: One More Solution to the Problem

Спасибо Колян!


You are the man . . .

My wife's laptop died today in the same fashion and I was googling around and found lots of people complaining about this problem.

You were the only one I found with the actual solution.

I'm very happy to report that I've been able to fix her laptop in 5 minutes using your instructions.

I owe you a beer Smiley Happy


Paper Tape
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Re: T61 Won't Turn On

@mixz1 wrote:

No promises, but there is a solution (with multiple variations) that sometimes works. It has the ring of waving a chicken over your head 10 times, but is actually a procedure recommended by support.

  1. Unplug the power brick.
  2. Remove the battery.
  3. Press the on-off button 15 times.
  4. After the last press, press again and hold down for 30 seconds.
  5. Reassemble everything and see if it starts.

 If this fails you are probably up against a new system board. Let the board know what happens. Good luck!



I was definitely skeptical when I read this, but it worked for me.  Thanks!

Paper Tape
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Re: T61 Won't Turn On



I'm sorry for replying to an old topic, but I had this same problem just now.  Fortunately, I was able to fix it using the steps in the previous post.


I've my T61 for almost 3.5 years now.  This is the first time it wouldn't turn on.  Do you think this is indicative of future problems or is this just a one time thing?  I'm wondering if it's just getting too old and I whether I should replace it.





lead_org Microsoft MVP Contributor
Microsoft MVP Contributor
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Re: T61 Won't Turn On

@Druness, if this problem occurs frequently then you would need a motherboard. if this occurs once in a month or less, then it should be okay.

Jin Li

May this year, be the year of 'DO'!

I am a volunteer, and not a paid staff of Lenovo or Microsoft
Paper Tape
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Re: T61 Won't Turn On

I have basically the same problem with a twist.  I turned my T61 off (shutdown per normal) and went on vacation for a week.  When I came back the laptop shows all the power is green (AC and battery) but when I push the power button, the drive gives a whir and then quits.  Power light stays green showing the power is good and the fan runs.  But HD doesn't spin up at all other than the initial attempt.


What's funny, the twist, is I took it into work with me and mounted it into the docking station.  After a period of time, it booted up normally and worked like a charm all day.  But when I took it home and put it on the AC converter, back to it's old tricks.


I did switch out to another AC converter and stays the same.  Indicates power is good/on but won't start up, not even an initial screen.  We've pulled the battery, done the memory cards, etc. and still the same.  I will take it into work again on Monday and see if the docking station trick works again. But have absolutely no idea what is causing this as it was working just fine



What's DOS?
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Re: T61 Won't Turn On


it accually worked, i was scared as hell cause my past experence with laptops hasn't been so good

so thank you

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Re: T61 Won't Turn On

I have the disease but I'm afraid there may have been a power surge.  one would think that the surge would hurt the a/c adapter but not necessarily the thinkpad??

anyway, its my daughters: she reports that they did have a storm that took out their router etc, but nothing permanent.  then tried to power up the T61, no go.  I tried pulling batt, pulling a/c, 15 presses, press/hold, reseating ram, etc.  no lights, no indication, no nothing.  tried another thinkpad p/s that is good, nothing.


if motherboard, is it worth doing?  i tend to think not.  market is too overcrowded with good/working used sys

Paper Tape
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My T61 Died, Help, Any Ideas????

My T61 started to display the initial screen that says "Lenovo...."  for a much longer time than it ever did before but eventually booted. Then, a while later, it not only would display the initial Lenovo screen for too long, but it started displaying "Error 0210: key 54". This happened numerous times, so I gave up for the night and unplugged the ac power supply from the wall ac receptacle and also from the T61 and I removed the battery from the T61 and went to bed for the night. Next morning, I re-inserted the battery and the ac supply. Now, and ever since, the T61 is totally dead. Not only will it never start when I press the power button, but not one single "green light" (indicating there is battery power and/or ac power, etc) ever lights.


I removed mother board and based on some info online, I believe I found the fuse for the dc power in from the wall ac   converter and also the fuse for the battery and I tested both fuses with a continuity meter and both fuses seemed ok.


I did try the weird procedure recommended online (disconnecting battery & ac and hitting power button 10 times, holding power button down for 30 seconds, etc) and that did nothing.


Please help? What do you recommend?

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Re: My T61 Died, Help, Any Ideas????



Have you tried another keyboard? The code that you were previously getting would indicate a failing keyboard (or a dying system board)...



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