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Re: My T61 Died, Help, Any Ideas????

About every 3-4 months when I come home with my laptop and plug it into the docking bay it won't start.
I don't beleive it is the docking bay. I believe it is static electricity. Why?

Because the first time this happened it was under warranty and the guy told me to try this over the phone.

He said it would discharge the static electricity:


take off docking bay, take off battery and power supply if connected.

hold down Function button and start  button at same time. Let go

of Function button after a few seconds and continue holding start

button for around  2 minutes. I have tried a lesser time and had no success.

plug it back in and away we go!


Glad I had a warranty because some local yahoo repairman would have had me paying for a new mofo board.

T61 :: 14.1" :: 8891 INTEL CORE2DUO T9300 (2.5ghz 6MBL2) :: 8GB PC2-5300 667MHZ 2DIMM :: Windows 7 sp1 :: 300GB SSD ::

DVD REC.8XMAXDUAL LAY (DVD player sucks, never worked.)
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Re: My T61 Died, Help, Any Ideas????

My wife's T61p laptop died in a similar way.


Here's the story (just skip to the end if you're bored with it):

I took it for a little business trip, then when I came back (literally through the door), it woke up from sleep on it's own.

It was cold outside, like -5 deg and it powered itself like literally after I went indoors.

It worked ok, I thought it was the low battery BIOS wakeup setting enabled (although I don't remember if it really was enabled), so I simply shut it down and put on charging.


Next day it wouldn't turn on and LEDs won't light up with charger connected. Just dead.


Tried all tricks, including CMOS battery; docking port not oxidized; there's voltage coming from AC brick; tried plugging another half-charged battery - nothing.




Interestingly enough, my brother told me a similar story about his T60 (or was it T43?).


"Went out of sleep on its own, shut down normally, wouldn't turn on afterwards" seems like a ThinkPad sudden death pattern.



Any ideas?

What's DOS?
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Re: T61 Won't Turn On

It works - if you swing the chicken 11 times!


Seriously, my old T61p that I use in the Mac era solely for Microsoft Publisher suddenly would not power on - no power or battery light illuminated.


Did the described routine and now it is doing an error check. THANKS!

@mixz1 wrote:

No promises, but there is a solution (with multiple variations) that sometimes works. It has the ring of waving a chicken over your head 10 times, but is actually a procedure recommended by support.

  1. Unplug the power brick.
  2. Remove the battery.
  3. Press the on-off button 15 times.
  4. After the last press, press again and hold down for 30 seconds.
  5. Reassemble everything and see if it starts.

 If this fails you are probably up against a new system board. Let the board know what happens. Good luck!



What's DOS?
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Re: T61 Won't Turn On

Hi, same thought "Really?". Yes Really! Works for me also like charm. Stopt thinking about the "Why and How"
Thanks again.

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