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Fanfold Paper
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T61 and problem with power supply

Hi there

We are using a lot of T61 Lenovo notebooks.

Unfortunately we have a problem with power supply. If we unplug the power supply of our docking station,  notebook stops and we could not do anything (monitor looks like screenshot ;-)). We have to only put the power button (keep it by 4 second) and start notebook again.

It very annoying. Lenovo supports say that our dock stations need some rubber ;-), but it didn’t help.

Do you know why when we unplug the power supply (notebook using the dock station) the notebook stops immediately.

My Lenovo: TYPE 8890-CTO (8890W5N)
Dock station: TYPE 2504   P/N:42W4631

Thank you for help.

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Re: T61 and problem with power supply

Check to see what BIOS version you have, if it is not 2.10 or higher you need to do a BIOS update.
BIOS: 2.10 / ECP: 1.08
- (New) Microcode updates of the processors.
- (New) Added the new BIOS Setup option to avoid system hang even if
         the AC adapter is removed from the ThinkPad Advanced Mini
         Dock while the computer is attached to it.
         *How to enable:
         Set the Legacy Devices on Mini-Dock option to 'Disabled' of
         Docking Station of Config in BIOS Setup menu.
         A serial and a parallel port on the Mini-Dock will be
         disabled with this setup.
I don't work for Lenovo
Fanfold Paper
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Re: T61 and problem with power supply

According to the following article, Lenovo notes that you must keep power to the docking stations.

Fanfold Paper
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Re: T61 and problem with power supply

Thanks a lot. It works.
Paper Tape
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Re: T43p docking station problem with power to notebook

Hi, does anyone know if the notebook T43p 2687 once docked - will the power supply, with docking unit, power the notebook and charge battery? My system, has had an issue prior to the docking. For example, I'm unable to use my AC power to power my laptop directly. Instead, I have an ancillary unit that charges two batteries and I just continue to switch the two out. I thought by purchasing the docking station (IBM Docking Station II #2877 with its own powwer supply) I would bypass the power connector issue. Does anyone have some assistance they can provide? Thank you.

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