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What's DOS?
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T61 can't start, four Beeps, black screen.

Hi together,


we have a T61 here, 2 GB RAM.

It has been (as good as) never shuted down or powered off.

It just was been closed after work.


Now the T61 cannot start.

When I am pushing the Power-Button, the Screen remains to be black and I hear four Beeps.


Just one cycle of four Beeps.

(I ggogled the Problem, and found an issue with four Beeps and four cycles - so I waited for the next three cycles of four Beeps :-) ... but nothing was happened)


I changed RAM, but the problem will not leave.


What can I do, where can I search?


thx and greetings from Bavaria




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Betreff: T61 can't start, four Beeps, black screen.

[ Edited ]

Four  cycles  of  four  short  beeps  and  a  blank screen.
System  board  (security chip)


It seems, that the security chip is damaged. Either replace the system board or (i don't know whether it is possible) let replace and rewrite new the security-chip by a professional. Ask for example

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What's DOS?
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Betreff: T61 can't start, four Beeps, black screen.

Thanks ... but  ... I said "ONE cycle with four Beeps"


When I googled the problem, i just found "four beeps, four cycles" -> TPM Chip (here you are right!).


But at my T61 I hear just ONE cycle of four beeps.



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Betreff: T61 can't start, four Beeps, black screen.

My first stage of diagnosis when I get beep errors is to remove as much hardware as possible. first I'll remove all the easy parts like hdd, optical, ram, battery, and install only one good ram chip, one slot at a time, if the errors persist, then I'll remove all internal cards, if it still beeps then you can be pretty sure it's the system board. Exactly what part of it is causing the error isn't really the issue because it's not repairable in the field. 


The only other thing you could try is swapping cpu, but I don't recall ever having an intel core2 go bad on me, but if you want to test, you can get some of the low-end chips really cheap. An example, I had one sell on ebay for $6, for that cost it's worthwile keeping one in your desk drawer for testing, even though you'd probably never need it. 


Good luck, and I hope you can find it's something that can be replaced easily.

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