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T61 rebuild

I needed to replace the motherboard and screen of my T61.  I went from Intel to Nvidia (used) on the replacement motherboard (needing a new fan in the process), and an entire screen assembly replacement for the screen which was cracked, also considering I ripped the connector cable for the screen, and all the indicator lights were nonfunctional (plus scratches and cracks, etc. on the casing). The same 14.1" matte Samsung screen I had before should be inside the replacement assembly though I haven't opened it up to look.


With the replacement (used) motherboard, I have noticed that:


1) the sleep function is no longer available in the windows menu (it is there but "greyed out" while the other options, hibernate, log off, restart etc. are in normal black).  The short cut command for sleep (Fn + F4) goes to "hibernate," not sleep, which is not as quick as sleep to turn off or on.  

2)  Within the "power plan" options (clicking on the battery icon in the tray) for "high performance," "balanced," or "power saver," the "power plan" options no longer have any effect on screen brightness nor is there an adjustment bar to manually change brightness outside of any "power plan" in the Power Options screen.  

And 3), After installing the replacement screen assembly to go with the used replacement Nvidia motherboard, and using the 1024 x 768 display setting (which was my previous display setting using the Intel motherboard), there is a slight distortion in the display, as if everything is slightly too wide and a little flattened and the text seems a little large but it may just be the wide- and flatness creating that effect.  Text and icon size adjustments don't resolve the problem within 1024 x 768 nor do other settings (higher or lower res).


I haven't really noticed a performance improvement with the Nvidia chip.  I don't use the PC for games but thought there may be an improvment in speed or stability with the Nvidia chip taking the graphics responsibility and freeing up RAM and the CPU which it may be doing slightly but it doesn't seem enough to warrant the Nvidia, especially considering the increase in fan noise and operating heat/temperature.  To handle heavy internet browser use, media (streaming or mp3 music, videos, pics, etc.), and typical use (Office, Word, etc.), a RAM increase (at 4GB now) would seemingly be the appropriate move for speed and stability moreso than a graphics card.  All these things considered I will probably go back to an Intel board (especially fan noise).


Before doing that, is there any way to resolve the existing issues while still using the Nvidia board?  Especially the display issue (flattened, widened) - why would this be happening with the Nvidia board and not the Intel board?  Even if the replacement screen within the new assembly is not manufactured by Samsung it should still be the same screen as I had previously considering it is a T61 widescreen 14.1" display.  (WXGA, not WXGA+).


Sleep setting, brightness, display issues with a replacement (used) Nvidia motherboard...  Any help with these issues would be greatly appreciated.


Thank you.



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