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Blue Screen Again
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T61 system fan failure & wifi troubles

Hello all,


A little over a week ago the system/CPU cooling fan in my T61 started making a lot of noise, getting louder as time went on. I shut it down, removed the palm rest and keyboard checking for dust, etc. Blew out with compressed air, but didn't help. Kept getting louder and the side near the exhaust felt as if it was getting warmer then it should.


Right after this I started having problems with my wireless connection. After the system was on for a bit under normal usage the Wifi light would simply turn off (the green LED on the LCD cover), even though it was still "switched" to ON. When checking FN + F5, it shows wireless radio as OFF and will not turn on by clicking enable. The only way to restore Wifi is for me to shut the system down, wait a few minutes and then boot up again.


The problem with wifi has progressively gotten worse along with the cooling fan. The system also started freezing a lot. This weekend I believe the fan went out completely, I feel no air moving, no noise and my processor temps are through the roof. There's no I can safely use the system on anything above the Max Battery Life setting, so I've just kept it off. 


I've also had a lot of problems related to the wifi chipset (even after a fresh OS reinstall, drivers, etc), but I'm not sure that it's related?


The system is under warranty, but I keep being disconnected when I attempt to contact support by phone (usually disconnects when asked for the System's Type/#) @ the US support number.


Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks!

Blue Screen Again
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Re: T61 system fan failure & wifi troubles

I hate to bump this thread so soon, but is there any way possible to contact Lenovo support?? Everytime I enter my model type I receive a dial tone/error that the call either failed or there was "no answer". I am calling the 1-800 number listed for North America / US support.

Am I dialing the correct phone number or has it changed? Thanks in advance.
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Re: T61 system fan failure & wifi troubles

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