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T61 water damage? AC doesn't charge and critical low-battery error



I accidently put some water on my Thinkpad T61. It shut off immediately. I disconnect the AC and battery from the laptop, dissasambled the keyboard and touchpad and let it dry.


After some hours I put it all back together and could start the laptop and OS without any problems.


But I noticed that my laptop is running from battery, instead of AC. I also noticed that the battery is not charging.


I removed the battery and tried to start with only AC connected. The thinkpad starts but immediately gives the error message: critical low-battery error


and shuts down.


Could my AC have been damaged? Any ideas what happened?





Bit Torrent
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Re: T61 water damage? AC doesn't charge and critical low-battery error

Sounds like you'll need a new motherboard. If you'd like my help sourcing one you're welcome to send me a PM with your model, serial and date code. This must be sent in a private message as forum rules don't allow posting serial numbers, or you could source one yourself.


The problem isn't the water itself, it's the minerals in the water and they rarely survive a liquid spill. If you want to try to fix it you can buy or make some pure distilled water (must be pure distilled water, no substitutes will work, then buy or make a steam cleaner so you can blast the motherboard clean with steam and if you are extremely lucky you might get the minerials out of the circuits, but it's more likely that there is perm damage to the charging circuits from when it was powered on, so this is an extreme long shot and I know it sounds insane to fix a water spill with more water, but pure distilled water doesn't conduct, however it's difficult to completely purify water and even a drop of sweat could contaminate the process. 


You could also try some commercial electronic cleaning sprays.


I can tell you that I did once save a motherboard that had sodapop (coke) spilled on it by distilling some water then using a capichino machine to steam clean it. After than I put it in a hot oven after it was heated and turned off, then let it sit in the hot over to dry. I then put it in a sunny window sill for a couple days where it got hot sunlight and it worked, but an important factor is that it had no power run through it while wet. 


Replacing the board is still probably your best option.

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