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What's DOS?
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T43 Thinkpad won't go to Standby

I am a new user. I have a T43 running XP Pro. All works fine except I cannot get the system to go into Standby. I've tried the Power Management settings several different ways including "go to standby when the power button is hit", "go to standby when the lid is closed" and "go to standby when running on batteries after X minutes". I even went to Start/Shut Down/Standby and's ignoring me. I cannot find a Fix in the Lenovo web site for this problem. Someone out there got a suggestion? (Take it easy on me...I'm a Rookie.)


Blue Screen Again
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Re: T61 with Bluetooth won't hibernate

I had tried in vain to update every driver, but it my T61 still would not standby. My error message was about ThinkPad Modem #2. I uninstalled Quicken Deluxe 2000, then installed Quicken 2005 Basic, then imported the data file This solved the problem. Talk about a quirk! Thanks for posting.



What's DOS?
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Re: T61 with Bluetooth won't hibernate

It worked for me as well..................... I was suffering from this problem for a while now and it got fixed after I read this.


First Step

I went to my Computer->right Click-->Manage-->Device Manager--> Expand Bluetooth Devices-->Right Click on "ThinkPad bluetooth with Enhanced Data Rate II" --> then Click uninstall.


Second Step


Click on "Action" --> "Scan for hardware Changes".

this will reinstall it and will start working