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What's DOS?
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T61 won't boot from XP CD

I have my buddies laptop (Lenovo T61)


He hasnt updated this thing in forever I guess..


i took it.. and went to Windows Updates.. and started with SP3


which was already downloaded on his machine..but not installed.


installed it.. says it went fine.. then reboot..


perpetual BSOD..


then of course the screen of boot choices for Safe Mode, W/ Networking..Last known Good COnfig..etc..etc


none of the choices produce anything other than the same results..


attempt at boot (windows boot screen for 3 seconds..then BSOD.. and rinse/repeat all over again)


I have taken my XP Pro CD


slip streamed in SP3.. but also got the T61 Intel Storage Manager drivers added in..


but no matter what I do.. or what disk I use (other XP disks..etc.)


I get no prompt for hit any kit to boot form CD..


I have checked BIOS for CD as first boot..


also done the F12 boot attempt/order..


nothing seems to get this thing to boot from disk..


funny thing is  either early this morning and/or late last night I 'do' remember seeing the hit any key to boot frm CD.. but missed it once.. the onther time I dont think I had SATA drivers on the disk..


now.. for the life of me.. I cant get to a boot form CD prompt?


any ideas?



also..if I remember.. last year he had a similar problem wher he took an security update..and got repeating BSOD cycle..


I booted up form disk..un-installed the path and gave it back afte it booted fine.. (he apparently has done nothing since that day as far as updates)



I 'can' boot to the Rescue/Recovery thing built into the thinkpad/lenovo.. but I dont want to blow everythign away and start over.


I used the 'browser' to go to the $NtServicePack Uninstall$ folder.. but you can NOT execute anything from there it looks like?



anybody wann ahelp a noob out here?  =)


I appreaicte all feedback..thanks



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Re: T61 won't boot from XP CD

Welcome to the forum!


Go into BIOS and change the SATA mode to compatibility, press F10 to save and exit.


Let us know whether that got you anywhere.



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