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Serial Port
Posts: 18
Registered: ‎06-28-2008
Location: Denmark
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T61P Bluetooth, iPhone - missing driver - Lenovo supports no more - please HELP me!

[ Edited ]

This summer Apple upgraded the iPhone software and from V3 they opened for teethering - that you can use your iPhone as a modem either by USB or Bluetooth connection. It works fine with the USB connection.


As I try to pair it via Bluetooth, the pairing succeeds partly. The T61P provides the numeric connection code that I have entered into the iPhone and then T61P initiates a driver update but this update is not successful. I receive this error window:

Bluetooth driver error

It is in Danish but it tells you that the installation of "Bluetooth Peripheral Device" was unseccessful. The other two were installed successfully.


The I used my T61P product code 6460-D8G to search for an updated driver on the Lenovo support. I was happy finding "Bluetooth Enhanced Data Rate Software II" for Windows Vista at this address ->


But if you go to the "Additional Information" you can see that "Support for the following systems has been dropped" and among others the T61P is listed - "For those models listed above, please use the old version" - and as I already use that version I get no help from Lenovo.


My Vista system recognized my problem and suggests me to download an updated driver from here -> (the adapter is from Broadcom) but this driver will not be accepted by my system.


I think it is astonishing and a pity to experience that a big company like Lenovo already now choses to tell me that my T61P which is not that old is obsolete!! There is no more warranty. Ha!


So, any suggestions for a solution??


Thanks in advance

Kind regards


What's DOS?
Posts: 3
Registered: ‎10-26-2009
Location: Shanghai
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Re: T61P Bluetooth, iPhone - missing driver - Lenovo supports no more - please HELP me!


Sorry to be a "me too" but I'm in the same boat, and want the notification if Lenovo fixes this problem...



Paper Tape
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Registered: ‎12-09-2009
Location: USA
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Re: T61P Bluetooth, iPhone - missing driver - Lenovo supports no more - please HELP me!



in my case, a little bit better, but still couldn't get it work, I could see iphone on my T61 with XP system,

then it ask me to enter code to pair with iphone, but there is no code show on iphone


windows 7 does not have this problem. I would pair with my iphone and use internet tethering, use pc's speaker to listen music from ipod etc