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When playing 3D games or running graphic intensive applications, T61p tends to randomly power off by itself, crash back to desktop with error message saying display driver stop responding and recovered, or just result in BSOD. In some occasion, you will get a BSOD with Memmory parity error.
This mostly happens to those who have 2 Dimms of RAM installed in their machine. If one dimm of RAM is removed, the problem seems to go away. In addition, some users sent their thinkpad to depot for a motherboard replacement and that seems to work.
This problems have been reported by a lot of T61p owners at other forums and it has been discussed extensively and we were told that Lenovo is seeking a solution. What is the final outcome to solve this issue?


Upon analysis, some T61p system boards appear to have higher sensitivity to a condition in which the power draw of the GPU in conjunction with fully loaded memory bus creates a voltage drop condition, which in turn produces the noted symptoms. To resolve, engineering has revised the value of a discrete component to enhance voltage stability.


This update is included for all new T61p systems built on or after 03/20/08 .  Due to differences in usage, memory config, and board tolerances, only a portion of  previously built T61p systems may ever experience this condition.  


Owners who have experienced these symptoms should seek service at their convenience, after working with support to rule out any other potential causal factors. 


Official Technical Tip which includes the revised part number.


One part number variant not listed specifically in the tip is 42W7653.   This board is in the same series as 42W7877 and service should replace it with 44C3931 to resolve these symptoms.


At this point please do contact our service team for further assistance and you shoul be able to request the from the parts required. 


Our list of service partners can also be found below.



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Hello all,


I just experience such behavior "error message saying display driver stop responding and recovered" with my T61P. I re- installed Windows 8.1 64bit Pro on my machjine (t61p, Nvidia fx570m, 4gb RAm, 500 GB HDD) these last days and I found that the machine started such behaviour at some point of the installation-process (last part of Windows 8).


All test say the machine ist working properly, temperature of all sensors is quite ok ( cpu about 55 degrees centigrade, board at about 60 degrees, gpu at about the same, a bit less (- 1or 2 degrees centigrade) after hours of installation !


I doubt it is a faulty board, it looks like some driver problem (parameters?!)  any hints?


Thanks in advance 



Have same setup using Windows 8.1 64 bit. Try Action Center Trouble shooting for your answer. It found mine (wi-fi not connecting properly), which was a missing Ricoh Memory Card Driver. I installed with Lenovo link given in Action Center, and problem solved. Only issue I have run into, and believe Windows 8.1 does not install this driver so it should be installed regardless but may be relevant only to my Intel Intel 4965AGN wi-fi card.


Try the Action Center as it works great tor trouble shooting issues.