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T61p Rescue and Recovery System Restore freezes?

Hi I have a T61p with XP that started freezing at the desktop, and in hopes to combat the situation to no avail I figured I would do a system restore. I was allready unhappy about this because the latest recovery date was back from May, which I found odd that it was that old considering the R&R folder takes up nearly 70g of my harddrive.


Anyways, the System Restore froze up at 1%, and did not make any progression for 20 hours. Canceling would not close it, and I was forced to do a manual shutdown. My XP is now corrupted and will no longer boot windows. Any disks that did come with my computer (I dont actually remember any) are definately lost. I am posting this on my GF's computer, which is also a lenovo T61, not that im sure anything on her computer would help me.


Any help that can be given would be much appreciated, I'm hoping there is some way to solve this without me having to take my computer somewhere.

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Re: T61p Rescue and Recovery System Restore freezes?

Jangles524, welcome to the forum,


your system probably didn't come with any discs. You could create recovery discs with your girlfriends system and use them to install yours. You might have to clean up one or two drivers, but this is unlikely.


Hope this helps



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Re: T61p Rescue and Recovery System Restore freezes?

w/o additional and confusing details of what else occurred, a common issue which effectively halts large file operations or intensive file operations is a partition in need of a chkdsk.


As your system is inoperable, you may have to rely on recovery tools including the repair console but the native repair console is limited compared to a basic BartPE and included tools.


Seek and find a copy of BartPE, burn a CD or mod it to run from a USB stick and reboot into BartPE and execute chkdsk /f /x  c:\  (and subsequent drive letters, the trailing backslash is optional).


Corrupt file entries and other damage may be the result of your halted restore and crash and not necessarily the cause.

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