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Punch Card
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T61p, SDHC card & Vista

When I fit the T61p with a scandisk SDHC extreme III card, after a while,the compter is like loosing the track of the card. The explorer sees the card, but it cannot read it. If an application was using it, it is like frozen. The moment i plug in / out the card the systems seems to remember that there was a card and explorer reads it and the application (say excel or word) works with it. Until a few moments. I've been searching this site, and found some answer with suggested drivers, but all seem for xp, while i'm using Vista Ultimate. The card is not used with readyboost, because that would send the whole computer in a frozen mode until i plugged in /out the card, the it would "get back to life"


Does anyone has the same problem with VU and SDHC card ?

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Paper Tape
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Re: T61p, SDHC card & Vista

I was able to solve on a W500 with this solution for a T61:


The solution does not involve any drivers that were not already on the computer, so it doesn't appear to be version specific.


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