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I've just completed a fresh install of Windows 7 and have noticed that the battery icon in the task bar which indicates the charge % is missing.  I have checked the Lenovo Support page for driver software but had a message "no results found for selected operating system" .  Is there way of getting the battery charge icon to be displayed with Windows 7?


If your doing a Fresh installation, please ensure to install all drivers and Lenovo softwares. Among the important ones that always need to be installed is the Lenovo power Manager. Below is a link to the required drivers.


Lenovo Power Manager





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I own a Lenovo G500S touch, shipped with windows 8.  I upgraded to win 10 a few months ago.

I discovered recently that my battery management is no longer working.  Web browsing indicates that it is related to Windows 10 compatibility with the Lenovo driver.

Fine, no problem I downline the driver but it doesn’t work. I browse the forums to discover that many other people are having this problem.

I tried so many things that I have difficulty recording them, but in my downloads folder I have the following executables related to this problem:




All are apparently related to this driver and none of them have resolved the issue. What is more, I have no access to these programs as applications on my computer even though there is some indication that they are running. How much more software from Lenovo will I have running in the background consuming CPU cycles before I come to a solution here? Is it really that complicated?

So far Lenovo has been a good brand for me and I think the battery software is great. I’m wondering if I can keep using it.


After 2 hours of exploring the support site I was able to find the right win 10 driver for my machine... This time I started out by entering my model num.

Not too much trouble but a path that was not at all clear or viable  in all the visual  noise on the site.