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Fanfold Paper
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T61p Windows 7 32bit. 3D Graphics extremely smooth then choppy.

Hey Lenovo / T series fellow users.


I got this T61p couple months ago. (yeah i know im a little late and outdated)

it seems to me that anything i run thats 3d seems to run quite smooth then unexpectly it will start getting choppy as if there was something HUGE that started running in the background.


This is my first laptop ever and i'm not quite great with computers..

i do not know what could the problem be..

i've downloaded windows 7 nvidia drivers from lenovo site.

then i downloaded the latest drivers from nvidia site.


i disabled the AERO theme on windows 7. didnt seem to work.

i hate quite a bit of those windows 7 gadgets, mostly just gadgets that monitor the cpu and gpu n stuff.

believe me. i dont know what it even means. it just looks cool on the side of windows.


im just wondering if it could be the motherboard thing that i've been reading about on the forums on this laptop, but those posts are like from 2 3 years ago..


i still have like another 8 months til my warrenty expires..

should i just bring it into the warrenty centre n ask them if they know whats wrong??

would they even be able to figure out the problem??



ima computer idiot.


any reply will be a great help.



Paper Tape
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Re: T61p Windows 7 32bit. 3D Graphics extremely smooth then choppy.

Overheating of the graphic chip causes it to clock down and self-protect. Many T61's died of this. If you keep running big 3D on a nvidia graphic chip enabled T61 (only for T61, newer models are fine for nvidia), your first laptop will die and Lenovo won't help you out. Get yourself warned. 

lead_org Microsoft MVP Contributor
Microsoft MVP Contributor
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Re: T61p Windows 7 32bit. 3D Graphics extremely smooth then choppy.

you could try to get warranty department to look at it. 


what sort of 3D programs are you running?


Jin Li

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