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T61p (XPSP2) stuck in "System Update

Tried running System Update- It pops up Update back window & a dialog box pops up stating it is unable to open correctly. If you click the OK button or the X, the dialog box goes away for a few seconds, then returns. If you don't click OK or the X, it just sits there. Tried installing System Update on top of existing one, removing from Add/Remove Programs and reinstalling from Lenovo's site with version 3.14 & rebooting. It's still and says, "System Update is unable to open correctly. Please wait while Update restarts" loop.


Any assistance is greatly appreciated.

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Re: T61p (XPSP2) stuck in "System Update

sounds like an issue i had other day with my T42


after installing the new updates the system updater became frozen and wouldnt let me shut it 


in the end i waited half an hour, made sure it wasnt still updating anything, then just held my finger on the power button till it turned itself off


harsh i know, but nothing else i could do even task manager wouldnt shut it down


im notusggesting you do this, as it might not be same problem, but thats what i did


incidentally, i was chitting myself as i held down the power button, thought i might turn it into a nice black sleek rock



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