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Re: T61p & the Nvidia Problem......

there ya go, mark's  on the ball, as always.

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Re: T61 nVidia quadro 140M problem/fail

Quick Update:  Called Lenovo 3 more times and finally found someone who was better informed about this.  He had me check the BIOS, and it was showing lines on there, so he assigned me a case # and a box is on the way.  Shouldn't cost me anything, and it will supposedly be fixed with a board that has a better design...

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Re: T61p & the Nvidia Problem......

i've been using one more than 2 1/2 years already pushing 3 years.... (Type  6459-A24) NO PROBLEMS blardy good machine fire/bullet/everything proof..


Runs like a dream with XP, recently upgraded to Win7 and its seamless.. simple automated installation of drivers with the System Update and it just rocks my world..




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Re: T61 nVidia quadro 140M problem/fail



Repairs should be made with the lattest boards we have available.   Glad you got through - sorry it was a hassle.




I've combined a couple orphan threads on this subject - we have two larger discussions related to the two common symptoms - 1 long and 2 short beeps, and garbled video, even in BIOS.


Please join one of those discussions so we can provide updates and advice there.   Please also see the updates I made to the marked solutions today.




Best regards,






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